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Private Cars Hire London

If you’re looking for private car hire in London, look no further than Churchill Cars London. Whether your travels take you around town or on the road to other destinations or to the Airports – Our private Cars hire is an excellent way not only to get where ever needed quickly but also save money.

Why goes anywhere else? Our private cars hire come with the latest models, are well-maintained, and are licensed. You can even choose from GPS tracking so you know where your vehicle is at all times. We offer an additional driver if needed as well as booster seats for children’s safety on longer trips. 

Hiring a car from Churchill Cars is the perfect way to enjoy your vacation. You can choose when and where it’s convenient for you, not someone else. Interested in spending some time around London? Our private cars hire suits best with both personal travel plans as well as those made by friends or family members who might come along during their journey too.

We’ll help you find your perfect car hire, at the best price. The team here at Churchill cars has done everything they can to make sure that we offer quality car hire and competitive prices for every customer. So if you’re looking on getting an economy vehicle this year then come talk with us because our rates will beat any competition by far.

Reliable Cars Hire London

When you need a reliable private car hire in London, there’s only one place to go – Churchill Cars. We have all sorts of private car hire and drivers so no matter what time it is or where in Greater London your destination may be located within our large coverage area. We provide Reliable Airport Transfers, cooperate cars hire, wedding cars hire, and more.

London’s finest corporate chauffeurs provide cars hire at an affordable price. For over 35 years we have been providing professional car hire services to all airports in London as well Long journey trips. We are an established company with experienced and well-trained drivers this means you know your ride will be safe because they’ve already proven themselves trustworthy and licensed.

private Cars Hire London

Best Private Cars Hire Service

There is nothing more satisfying than providing great Car hire service. We take pride in our reputation as the best private-hire car provider around, so why not make us your first choice? Call today on +44 207 370 6644

Minibus Hire London

Churchill Cars London Minibus hire has a wide range of vehicles for any occasion. Whether you need to take your family out on the town or drive yourself, we have what it takes. Our minibus can accommodate up 16 passengers and will make sure that everyone is comfortable during their journey. Need a great way to get around London without breaking the budget? Book one of our luxurious minibusses hire today – they come complete with leather seats & WIFI access as standard equipment.

Our Minibus Hire London offers a fleet of reliable minibusses and coaches to accommodate your event. Whether you have an intimate gathering or are planning on seating 16 people, we can provide the perfect vehicle for you.  We have a vehicle that will suit the needs of your group. Our modern air-conditioned mini buses are specially designed for comfort, safety, and efficiency with 7 to 24 passengers on board each minibus. The interior features spacious seats ergonomically designed by experts so you can enjoy an enjoyable ride without any pain or discomfort from bad backsides as well.

6-Seater Minibus hire

The new, smaller version of our popular minibus is just right for families and small corporate groups.

7-Seater Minibus hire

This car is the perfect way to get to your destination whether that be the airport or hotel. You can even fit five people comfortably.

8 Seater Minibus Hire

When you are on a small group tour, it is important that everyone has the same experience. That’s why our minibusses come equipped with everything from air conditioning and entertainment systems to GPS tracking so your guide can make sure they get where needed safely.

12 Seater Minibus hire

A limousine large enough to accommodate all their friends ensuring no one gets left behind or forgotten about during such pleasure times; perfect air conditioning so guests arrive feeling refreshed after traveling long distances.

14 Seater Minibus hire

Need to pick up an important corporate delegation from the airport? You won’t find a more comfortable ride than this one! The spacious vehicle has plenty of space for luggage and enough elbow room so that you’re able to provide your clients with great service on their way into town.


Reliable Minibus Hire London

If you’re planning on hiring a reliable minibus hire in London, don’t look any further than Churchill Cars. We have some latest fleet of vehicles that can accommodate up to 9 to 16 passengers with ease. Whether you’re traveling from London to Cape Town or on a more local basis, we have the perfect solution for your transportation needs. 

Churchill Minibus Hire is a company you can trust. For more than 35 years, we have been providing quality travel services to all of our customers with safety and punctuality as top priorities in mind. Whether you’re traveling with your family or friends, we have the perfect package for everyone. Our bespoke travel solutions will make sure that all of those memories are captured and preserved beautifully through photography at every turn.

Minibus Hire London

Book Minibus With Churchill Cars

Churchill Cars Minibus Hire London offers a fleet of reliable, comfortable, and affordable minibusses for your next event. Whether you're celebrating with five guests or fifty - we've got the perfect ride.

Hire a Van in London

London is a bustling metropolis and it can be tough to get around without a vehicle. Churchill Van  Hire has the perfect solution. We offer online booking, and 24/7 live call support for customer care specialists wherever you are in the UK.  You’ll find all sorts of Vans – from sedans to minibusses- at competitive prices with quick quotes that will have you on your way within minutes so don’t waste time waiting around or being put off by other companies.

Our modern air-conditioned vehicle fleet has GPS devices installed on them so that your trip will be easy peas lemon squeezy.  All drivers localize themselves by working within a one-hour distance which means they know exactly where the best routes are for getting from point A – B quickly without breaking any traffic laws along the way.

Our state-of-the-art online booking system allows us to provide quick and easy quotes as well as hassle-free reservations in just 3 simple steps! We offer low rates guaranteed so that when it comes time to travel with us everyone can enjoy an affordable trip without compromising their experience too much. And if anything does go wrong during any stage of this process our staff are always available 24/7 ready to help out whenever needed.

Minibus and Private hire Services Offered


Weddings are a grand occasion that should not only be documented but also celebrated. Let us ensure that your special day becomes one of the most memorable weddings with our VIP transportation for you and all members from ceremony to reception as well as post-party transport service after party.

One Day Trip

Our one-day trips are designed to make the most out of your time in London, with scheduled stops at popular sights. If you’re looking for something tailored just right or want an authentic experience then try our private hire services

Airport Transfers

We understand how important your time is. That’s why our drivers are waiting at airports for you with vehicles so that they can bring them back to their home or hotel immediately after landing without having any hassle whatsoever. We have an extensive fleet of cars and vans ready in order serve all UK Airports within 30 minutes from booking- no matter what airport it is.


funeral arrangements that are tailored to your needs and preferences, with an emphasis on customer service. 


Whether you are heading to one of Britain’s enchanting festivals, an annual sporting event, or a major race we will ensure that your group arrives on time so as not to miss any action.

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